Private class

What are the benefits of doing a private One-on-one class with Kym?

You will gain personal knowledge and customised tools that will help transform your practice. Privates are perfect if you are looking for feedback on your own alignment, if there are new poses you struggle with, parts of the body you feel disconnected from, or have a new or recurring injury.

The beauty of the body is that all of us are different - and have different needs - so learning how to work with your specific body is important to make your practice the most beneficial. Privates are a more therapeutic approach where we make the yoga work for you.

Some students use private classes as a way to begin a practice or to inspire themselves on the mat again. You will advance much more quickly working one-on-one with Kym as you will have direct feedback, guidance and immediate adjustments.

The private class is specific to your needs and you will find benefits on a structural & energetic level and, if needed, healing and emotional support.

Privates can include work with:

  • Yoga
  • Alignment of poses
  • Sequencing - how to create your own self-practice
  • Dissolving your own habits and creating positive ones
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama (Breathing techniques)
  • Support for Yoga Teachers - how to deepen your own practice, refinement and teachings skills

For one on one session, the price is $100 per hour. For a group of 5 or more, the price is $200 per hour.

Please note, the price may be more if travel and/or preparation time is involved This will be determined with you prior to class.

Please contact Kym or book online to arrange an appointment, click here »

"Kym is a connected and beautiful soul with such good energy, her passion for life is felt and her messages are spoken true and strong. I am always triggered by something she has said and I leave the class relaxed but also a strong sense of purpose".  Amanda

"It is truly a blessing to have an inspirational guide like Kym in my life.. I cannot recommended highly enough the benefits of attending Kym’s private classes and the positive effects it has had on the way I live my life. I can always rely on Kym to encourage me to push myself to new levels physically and mentally."  Grace