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Affirm Peace with an Inner World

Monday, January 20, 2014

The first purpose of meditation is to become familiar with the inner world. Beyond that, the goal is to reach the source, the inner Self, the Awakened Self. Many of us have a sense of this inner source, a sense of the great potential that lies within us.

Its important to take time out everyday to connect to this life-force energy within. The myriad of benefits include; inner peace, greater clarity and contentment, positive thinking and more energy.

Close your eyes and bring your attention inside to your inner world.

Notice your breathing.

Affirm 'This is my inner world'.

Ask yourself 'What is the present feeling of my inner world', 'Is it happy, sad, fearful, contracted or expanded?' 'How can i make myself feel better in this moment?'

Think of a pleasant memory, a peaceful scene, or an uplifting thought that improves the feeling in your inner world.

Stay in the silence for about 5 minutes with a gentle awareness on your breath.

You should feel better and more peaceful.

Peace Out,


My song choice: In the Silence by Ben Lee

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