Lomi Lomi Massage

Specialising in Women's Health - Women Only

The wonder of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is something everyone should experience and the philosophy of the Ancient Hawaiian culture and it's traditions is a way to live by (Aloha).

It is an experience that overwhelms the whole body and mind with sensations as I use intuitive movement, breathing, rhythm and focused intention in long, flowing strokes. The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi form of bodywork will leave you completely relaxed, refreshed and back in touch with the Divine Within.

It is a powerfully healing style of massage that uses the forearms in addition to the hands and fingers in long-flowing strokes along the body to remove layers of tension, not unlike the waves of the ocean. This constant flow makes it easy for the receiver to 'switch off' and enter into deep healing states of relaxation. It encourages the body, mind and spirit to heal, leaving the receiver feeling relaxed yet alive and energised, creating a sense of harmony on all levels.

Lomi Lomi can be a soft relaxing massage or it can be very deep, depending on the needs of the client. In basic terms, Lomi Lomi massage means to 'knead', 'to make soft' among other similar definitions. The Hawaiian's believe that where there is 'softness' there is no tension, which is the root cause of of illness.

I am a certified Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage therapist and I look forward to sharing this sacred, powerful, healing massage with you soon.

If you are ready to let go of your tension and embrace the Aloha spirit, in a sacred healing Lomi Lomi massage, please contact Kym or book online to arrange your appointment, click here » 

90 minutes $120

'Thank you Kym for the most beautiful Lomi Lomi massage - just amazing! Highly recommend this magical, relaxing experience'  Kristi 

"I can honestly say that I have never felt such peace in my whole life - thank you Kym" Bernie 

"Thankyou Kym for the amazing Lomi Lomi Massage - Highly recommend for those women looking for amazing transformation- relaxation and soulful journey , truly inspiring Kym . I can honestly say my journey started at the beginning of the massage and well after I left. My soul and body feel totally transformed and at peace. Thank You. Definite must do. " Kylie Harris