Kym's Story

Yours in Yoga – My Story

Yoga found me whilst I was on a working holiday in England in 1998. It was during my very first yoga class with Katy Appleton, I knew something profound had taken place within me. I really felt that I had searched the world for 'inner peace', and in that moment I was connected to it. I didn't know what capacity Yoga would play in my life, but I knew it was special, the light had been ignited and I was curious, I wanted to know more. 

I fully embraced the lifestyle and felt amazing benefits on all levels, now I wanted to know if others would feel the same, I wanted to share. I completed a Diploma of Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training in London in 2001 with Narayani & Barbara Gordon of Sunra Yoga School. I am a Yoga Alliance & Yoga Australia certified Instructor.

I continue to update and refresh my skills annually. Yoga is for everybody, and I love to teach to everyone including adults, children, teenagers, those with special needs and disabilities. I take the yoga light out into  the community with the intention of boosting people’s coping skills and helping them find their peace, whatever their background. It has been a goal to connect with pockets of society who most need the life changing benefits of yoga but who are least likely to seek it out.

Break Thru People Solutions, Mission Australia, local councils, schools- both private and public- are just some of the organisations who now participate in my yoga classes, locally. I have developed my very own kids yoga program, called Glowing Kids Yoga

I am currently working with dart connections and the NSW Government sending yoga out into the schools throughout NSW via videolink. . For the past 4-5 years I have been teaching my style of kids yoga to schools within the community. All of my classes have been very well received, the kids, teachers and parents alike are all very positive about Kids Yoga in schools and community centres.

A short documentary aired on ABC 24 in August 2013 showcasing the work I have been doing in the local community. You can view this via the ‘My Time’ blog on this site or visit Kym in the Community on the home page.

For the past 12 years have been teaching yoga & meditation to young adults with special needs and disabilities at 'Break Thru People Solutions'.These students have major and minor disabilities from mild autism, aspergers syndrome, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and learning difficulties. There are no limitations in yoga, there are no judgements or discrimination. It is a universal practice that brings unity, presence and compassion for all. It is a way of Being. So if you’re breathing, you can do yoga.

In 2007 I made my first Yoga with Kym DVD which is still now available for sale via this site and is the first of what will be many DVD/Online Classes available for purchases at

In 2009, I opened my yoga studio 'Atma Holistic Centre' which runs 10 classes per week to all who come to enjoy the peace and quiet of the sacred space, yoga stretching and relaxation techniques.

I continue to learn on the yoga journey. I have attended workshops with Donna Farhi, Katy Appleton, Simon Borg-Olivier, Michael de Manincor, Heather Agnew and many yoga teachers of various disciplines over the last 10 years. I have also studied Pranic, Intuitive & Clairvoyant Healing, Reiki and Thai massage for restorative yoga. I practice Transcendental Meditation daily.

In June 2013, I hosted a wonderful 7 night Yoga Retreat in Bali. I was fortunate enough to take 20 beautiful ladies from this region to magical Ubud. We had visits from traditional balinese yoga teachers, explored sacred temples and immersed ourselves in the wonderful culture for a week of healing, growth & joy! Other retreats I have hosted have included Mudgee, Walgett and the Blue Mountains.

I am passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone from all walks of life, any time, anywhere. The rich teachings and practices will help improve the quality of our lives in many ways. I have a passion for Yoga and Meditation and I know of its wonderful healing and balancing qualities through personal experience. In a busy modern world I have found some inner peace and it is my wish to share these divine techniques with you.