Intuitive Healing

Energy Healing Session

I discovered energy healing in my 30's and it was invaluable to me whilst trying to deal with personal issues, being a mum and running a busy Yoga Studio.  Energy Healing has helped me immensely in my life and I believe it will help you with what you are experiencing in your life.

After many years teaching yoga, I would see the colours and aura's of the students who came into the studio. Much like an antenna, I was receiving signals and messages relating to what clients needed as individuals but also, what the class needed collectively, and this was, in fact, how I channelled each yoga class. 

As a Healer I hold sacred space for you to experience divine healing that will nurture the body, heal the heart and soothe the soul. With channelled guidance I will help you to re-empower yourself with health, happiness and life force energy.

I am a certified Reiki Master, Pranic Healer and Clairvoyant Healer. I draw upon my 'tools' to intuit what YOU need using a a powerful combination of energy healing, aromatherapy, crystals, inspirational cards, affirmations, chakra balancing and sound therapy to support you on your journey to wellness.

If you are ready for a shift in the way you are feeling, and if you are looking for greater clarity and spiritual guidance please contact Kym or book online to arrange your appointment, click here » 

60 minutes $90

"Kym is a holistic yoga healer; a true channel of love, wisdom and empowerment through acceptance, understanding and connectedness"  Kate

"Kym's energy and intuitive healing has been a revelation to me. I come away from each session feeling completely rejuvenated, vaildated and comforted. She is a true healer and the compassion and sense of fulfillment  from this time spent with Kym has helped me and my soul immensley!" Megan

"I have been attending regular Energy healing sessions with Kym over the last 5 years. What an incredible experience, these sessions have helped so much with my illness. I would recommend Kym to anyone who is seeking more balance, peace, harmony & inner strength."  Val